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 Utility Model


 ・Utility Model
  ・Flow chart

 ・Explanation of the flow chart

  ・Formality Examination
  ・Notice for Amendment
  ・Request for Utility Model Technology Assessment
  ・Fundamental Important Point Examination
  ・Filing an Amendment

Flow chart

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 Explanation of the flow chart


Application means that a procedure to submit necessary documents to the JPO to obtain a utility model right. Japan has adopted the first-to-file system.  Therefore, it is advisable to file as soon as possible after a new invention occurs to you.

Please note that In addition to the application fee, registration fee for the first three years must be paid at the time of filing.

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Formality Examination

【Formality Examination】
Formality Examination is a examination that an application document is checked to see whether or not it fulfills the necessary procedural and formal requirements.

As a result of the Examination, Notice for Amendment will be made if necessary documents are missing or required sections have not been filled in.

Notice for Amendment

【Notice for Amendment】
Notice for Amendment will be made if necessary documents are missing or required sections have not been filled in. 

If you do not file an amendment in designated period, the filed application will be rejected.
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Request for Utility Model Technology Assessment

【Request for Utility Model Technology Assessment】
Any person can request at any time after filing, including after the right disappeared(§12).

Fundamental Important Point Examination

【Fundamental Important Point Examination】
In contrast to patent application procedure, there is no system of request for examination. In Fundamental Important Point Examination, the basic requirements will be simply checked. 

Filing an Amendment

【Filing an Amendment】
An applicant who has received the Notice for Amendment shall be given an opportunity to submit an Amendment of claims or specification.


For all applications which have passed the formality examination as well as satisfying the basic requirements, the registration of the utility model right will be instituted.


The term of the utility model right shall be 10 years from the filing date of the application(§15).

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