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#601, M・P・S Kannai, 1-6 Sumiyoshi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa,

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 Intellectual Creation Cycle

The Intellectual Creation Cycle means that some new technology or new design is created by inventior or designer(Intellectual Creation), and then patent, utility model or design protection is establised for the inventor's rights(Establishment of rights), obtained rights are utilized to make and sell a new technology(technology transfer or license) to make profits(Utilization of rights), the resultant profits help companies to recoup R&D costs and to reinvest in the next new technology.

Patents, Utility models or Designs are the Key to this Cycle.

Sakano & Associates is able to help you to obtain the broadest possible range of intellectual property protection.

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Sakano & Associates

TEL : +81-45-227-5117 
FAX :+81-45-227-5118
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